Viton™ Test Reports


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[Viton™ - 75 Durometer] - Standard Material

Viton-75 O-Rings & Gaskets are known for their excellent resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and oil, making them ideal for harsh environments. If you're seeking detailed specifications, performance characteristics, and application suitability for Viton-75, please download the PDF to gain in-depth insights into how these materials can benefit your specific requirements.

[Viton™ - 75 Durometer - USP Class VI]

Viton-75 O-Rings & Gaskets with USP Class VI compliance are suitable for pharmaceutical and food-grade applications. These materials are known for their excellent chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and performance in challenging environments. For detailed specifications and compliance information, please download the PDF to explore how Viton-75 can meet your rigorous industry standards.

[Viton™ - 60 Durometer - Cam & Groove Coupling Compound]

Viton-60 is a high-performance fluoroelastomer known for its exceptional chemical resistance, heat tolerance, and durability in aggressive environments.. For in-depth specifications, performance characteristics, and application guidelines for Viton-60, please download the document to explore its potential for your projects.


Design Recommendation Disclaimer:
Recommendations on application design and material selection are based upon available technical data and are offered as suggestions only. Each user should conduct evaluations to determine the suitability for his particular application. ROW, Inc. offers no express or implied warranties concerning the form, fit, or function of a product in any application.