Shelf Life


Storage & Shelf Life of Elastomers & Fluoropolymer Tubing


Storage - Storage life varies with resistance of each synthetic elastomer to norml storage conditions.

Temperature - Avoid excessively high temperatures for long periods of time. An average not exceeding 75°F to 80°F with peaks not exceeding 100°F are recommended based on the storage conditions.

Ozone - Avoid excessive concentrations of ozone. Elastomers should not be stored near ozone generating equipment or operations such as welding. Most normally occurring ambient ozone levels are acceptable (providing the elastomer is not stored under tension).

Tension - Do not store elastomers under tension as that could promote ozone attack.

Chemicals - Do not store unlike elastomers in the same container as they can absorb volatile constituents from each other. For this same reason, do not store them near volatile chemicals.

Light - Shield elastomers from ultraviolet light. Sunlight is particularly harmful.

Packaging - Polyethylene bags stored in larger cardboard containers or polyethylene lined craft paper bags insure optimal storage life.

Shelf Life

Encapsulation Materials:

FEP - Unlimited shelf life
PFA - Unlimited shelf life


Viton™ - 20 years
Silicone - 20 years
EPDM - 5 to 10 years


Design Recommendation Disclaimer:
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