Sealing the Future: Advanced O-Rings & Gaskets for Industry Leaders

Reliable O-Rings And Gaskets With Strict Quality Control Procedures

Reliability And Durability With Every O-Ring And Gasket

ROW, INC. maintains an extensive selection of stock O-Rings and Gaskets in a broad range of sizes and materials including USP Class VI O-Rings.



TFE-O-SIL® O-Rings provide durable and effective sealing solutions for a wide range of extreme temperature and chemical environments. Available in various sizes, they are ideal for demanding, high-stress applications.

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TFE-O-SIL® Silicone and Viton™ gaskets, encapsulated with FEP, deliver resilient and chemically resistant sealing, ideal for diverse chemical applications and corrosive environments.

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FEP/PFA Encapsulated Silicone

Straight lengths available with open or closed ends for complete elastomer encapsulation.

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Ensure Optimal Performance With ROW's Encapsulated Products