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FEP Encapsulated Gaskets

Teflon Encapsulated Gaskets FeaturesA Superior Seal for Chemical Applications

TFE-O-SIL® silicone and Viton™ gaskets for cam lock couplings, encapsulated with FEP, are designed for use with practically all chemicals, even in the toughest corrosive environments. These gaskets combine the best qualities of two materials to form a superior seal: Elastomer as the core for resilience, and FEP on the outside for chemical resistance. Not an envelope gasket, the elastomeric core of every TFE-O-SIL gasket is fully encased.

TFE-O-SIL Features:

Excellent Chemical Resistance - FEP is chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents, even at elevated temperatures and pressures

Resiliency - Elastomeric cores provide an assured tight seal

Wide Temperature Range - Continuous service temperatures from
-75°F (-60°C) to +400°F (+205°C) for FEP & silicone,
-15°F (-26°C) to +400°F (+205°C) for FEP & Viton

Low Coefficient of Friction - Lubricious surface of FEP for easier gasket insertion

Nonstick Surface - Almost all substances release easily so cleanup is easier

Universal Seal - Handles practically any fluid. Eliminates matching the myriad elastomeric formulations with a specific requirement

Sanitary - Eliminates contamination associated with elastomeric gaskets.

White Gaskets - Introducing our latest line of TFE-O-SIL silicone core gaskets encapsulated with FEP. With their clean, sanitary appearance, our white gaskets are ideal for pharmaceutical applications. They are available in coupling sizes from 1/2" through 3" for temperature ranges from -75°F (-60°C) to +400°F (+205°C).

General Specifications

Core Materials
Silicone to ZZ-R-765 FDA Compliant - Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. (Available in red or white)
Viton™ - Ideal for overall chemical resistance.

Solid .020 wall of virgin FEP made from resin which meets or exceeds the requirements of L-P-389A and ASTM-D-2116. FDA compliant & USP Class VI approved.

Sizes (Silicone Core Part Numbers Shown)
Part # Coupling
Nominal Size
  Inches mm Inches mm
      A B C A B C
500CS 1/2 12.7 1.024 .669 .157 26.0 17.0 4.00
750CS 3/4 19.0 1.375 .875 .218 35.0 22.2 5.54
1000CS 1 25.4 1.563 1.063 .250 39.7 27.0 6.35
1250CS 1-1/4 31.7 1.938 1.359 .250 49.2 34.5 6.35
1500CS 1-1/2 38.0 2.188 1.625 .250 55.6 41.3 6.35
2000CS 2 50.8 2.625 2.000 .250 66.7 50.8 6.35
2500CS 2-1/2 63.5 3.125 2.375 .250 79.4 60.3 6.35
3000CS 3 76.2 3.719 3.000 .250 94.5 76.2 6.35
4000CS 4 101.6 4.875 4.000 .250 123.8 101.6 6.35
5000CS 5 127.0 5.906 4.875 .250 150.0 123.8 6.35
6000CS 6 152.4 7.063 6.000 .250 179.4 152.4 6.35

For part numbers of gaskets with Viton cores, substitute V for S.


  1/2" size not available with Viton™core (only silicone)

Gasket Cross Section Diagram

Click here for installation tips!

TFE-O-SIL Gaskets for Chemical ProcessingTypical Applications

TFE-O-SIL Gaskets provide a superior seal for any bulk liquid transfer in manufacturing, distribution or storage.

Chemical Processing:

  • From trucks to storage
  • From storage to process areas

Cosmetic Industry:

  • Transferring perfumes and oils
  • Blending and batching oils and greases for soap

Petroleum Industry:

  • Deliveries to service stations
  • Oil canning
  • Blending grease and oil
  • Mixing oil additives

Paints & Dyes:

  • Mixing color pigments


  • Blending raw materials

TFE-O-SIL Gaskets for Bulk Liquid TransferRubber & Plastics:

  • Blending liquids and resins

Printing & Marking Equipment:

  • Hose connectors

Bulk Liquid Transfer:

  • Mining slurries, agricultural chemicals, brewing

Engineering Assistance

Our engineering department is ready to assist you in solving your sealing problems. Samples may be provided for testing and evaluation.

Design Recommendation Disclaimer:
Recommendations on application design and material selection are based upon available technical data and are offered as suggestions only. Each user should conduct evaluations to determine the suitability for his particular application. ROW, Inc. offers no express or implied warranties concerning the form, fit, or function of a product in any application.

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